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Monday, June 27, 2011

TV Interview Now on YouTube!

It's finally here -  the LTV East Hampton television talk show program, ACCESS with Richard Rosenthal is now on YouTube!
Part 1 (Parts 2-6 below)

This interview is groundbreaking and unique because Richard Rosenthal has a hearing loss, so he zones in on the real issues and important perspectives about hearing loss.  I met Richard about 25 years ago at an event at the League for the Hard of Hearing (now called the Center for Hearing and Communication), and we had much to talk about, as both of us were interested and dedicated to advocacy for people with hearing loss.  Our paths diverged over the years, but we finally connected once again when Richard saw the promotional materials for my second book, Listening Closely.  He found me on Facebook, "friended" me (pretty impressive for an octogenarian!) - and invited me to appear on his program.  That was an offer I couldn't refuse, and we did a day trip out to East Hampton from New Jersey. 

A big thanks to Richard and LTV East Hampton for allowing the two half-hour programs to be uploaded to YouTube so that even those not in the LTV broadcast area can watch these programs.  Richard won the prestigious Alliance for Community Media award in 2010 for the quality of the work on his ACCESS program.

You'll notice that Richard uses headphones and a person FM system (transmitter w/microphone and headphones w/receiver) to communicate. That delivers the sound directly to his ears, and works well for him, as you see in the interview.

You'll also notice that these video segments are captioned.  Just click on the CC button to turn the captions on.  The captions should be showing when the CC button is red.  Getting these videos captioned is another interesting story. 

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a lovely young woman, Nari French, from Australia, who had been searching for books for her mother, who is deaf and has bilateral cochlear implants.  She found Listening Closely on Amazon.com and read the author bio, where it mentions my advocacy for open captioning of live theater performances.  It turns out that Nari has her own captioning business, The Captioning Studio, and does open captioning for live theater performances in Australia!  At the same time, we both were connected to a new captioning advocacy group, CCAC -  http://www.ccacaptioning.org/ - whose members are both consumers and captioning providers. (For more info contact:  ccacaptioning@gmail.com )

I posted to the CCAC group that I needed to have these LTV videos captioned, and Nari was the first one to respond, offering to do them pro bono.  She made me an offer I couldn't refuse!   With the cooperation and collaboration of LTV and Richard Rosenthal, these videos are now making their captioned debut on YouTube!

Thanks Richard, everyone at LTV, Nari, CCAC - and everyone else making this happen.  It takes a village!

Arlene Romoff on Access with Richard Rosenthal on LTV
Aired June 2011
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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