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Cochlear Implants, hearing loss and more! I carry an interesting perspective: someone who had normal hearing growing up, lost it all slowly as an adult, then regained it with cochlear implants. So I'm deaf, but I can hear - a true miracle. If you'd like to know more about me and my bilateral cochlear implant experiences right away, my two books have a wealth of information - see the links below. Check out the list of upcoming events too - perhaps one day we'll get to meet!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cochlear Implant Miracles: Music to my ears

I went to the local movie theater yesterday to see and hear the Metropolitan Opera broadcast of Gounod's FAUST.  These broadcasts are either live simulcasts or rebroadcasts of live Met Opera performances, available in movie theaters throughout the world, and are subtitled. I've done this before, always wondering if I'm going to be able to sit through hour upon hour of opera. Last night was no exception - arriving at 6:30 and finishing up over four hours later, including two intermissions - and the result was the same - enthralled!  What's really amazing about going is that the cost is so reasonable for opera (about $20), but it's also a great way to do music listening practice.  When the opera begins, my brain is always a little tentative about the voices, especially now that I'm bilateral and it has to balance both sides. It sounds good to start, but gets even better the more I listen.  Last night, the closing act and scenes were so intense - both subject matter and music - it was spine-tingling.  One thing about my CI processors, they do a really great job of separating the instruments in the orchestra and the voices as well.  This is a wonderful and natural way to get in that music practice, and it has opened up an entirely new interest for me - and my husband.  Never would have believed it - a deaf person listening to opera for four hours, and loving it.   

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