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Cochlear Implants, hearing loss and more! I carry an interesting perspective: someone who had normal hearing growing up, lost it all slowly as an adult, then regained it with cochlear implants. So I'm deaf, but I can hear - a true miracle. If you'd like to know more about me and my bilateral cochlear implant experiences right away, my two books have a wealth of information - see the links below. Check out the list of upcoming events too - perhaps one day we'll get to meet!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Hearing Loss: Getting Down to Business!

This was the week that "moved heaven and earth" here in New Jersey.  We felt the ground shake from the radiating tremors of an earthquake, and we've just survived the furies of Hurricane Irene.  These two events seem a fitting herald of yet another feat of nature - the appearance of an article about hearing loss in the Sunday Business Section of the NJ Star Ledger, a major newspaper in the state! 

Hearing loss is usually relegated to the Health or Human Interest sections, but here it is - right there on Page 2 of the Business section, alongside a listing of the 200 largest public corporations in New Jersey.  And as you can see from the picture and headline, the article is about my advocacy work and hearing loss.  The reporter had sent me questions to answer online, in preparation for this article.

My article on Page 2 of the Business Section of the Star Ledger
You can read the actual text of the NJ Star Ledger article by clicking on this link.  You'll see that the article mentions my co-founding two hearing loss organizations, with leadership positions in both.  It delves into the life skills I gleaned from my education and work experience that prepared me for my advocacy work, and asks about upcoming events, plans for the future, and my proudest acheivements.  So, in a nutshell, this is very much an article about business - with the product being solutions to the very real challenges that people with hearing loss face. 

Considering that hearing loss impacts business people as much as those who read the Health and Human interest sections, I applaud the Star Ledger for recognizing the serious nature of hearing loss, and its importance to its readers.  And applause are also in order for Joel Strasser, HLA-NJ board member, who handles the PR that made this article happen.

The fact that this was also the week that the Yankees made the record books by scoring three grand slam home runs in one game - well, that's pretty amazing, too - almost as amazing as having an article on hearing loss appear in a Business section!

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